SAF News
The new directional and operational SAF seat

The combined, directional and operational, SAF AUTOSERVIZI seat for urban and extra-urban public transport, and for other services managed by the company, is being built in Udine Municipality - in via Partidor – next to Viale Palmanova – at the southern entrance to the city.....

The area is a strategic one both because it is easy to reach from outside the city (Motorway – Exit Udine South, Trieste, Gorizia, Friuli Plain), and because it is conveniently connected to Udine bus station and railway station, which are the starting point of all lines of the extra-urban network and the meeting point of all the line of the urban network, respectively. The intervention is a complex one, it regards: the realization of parking and refuelling areas for the buses, some of which have a slow methane gas refuelling process, of a building for bus maintenance with 38 workstations, some of which are compliant with the specific “Atex” rules, tunnels for testing and servicing, spare parts warehouse, service rooms for the staff, management offices. 
The directional building, which is at a short distance from the main body, and two technical service buildings to manage the methane fuel and the porter’s lodge with switchboard complete the intervention. 
Moreover, about 200 outdoor parking spaces for buses and as many for employees, suppliers and visitors will be added to these buildings. 
The overall intervention can be summed up through the following data: 
- total surface 58,466 mq
- total indoor surface 6,735 mq
- total volume 57,570 mc
- green surface 7,147 mq
The project concentrates on the energy efficiency of the plant in a passive way, by paying attention to building materials and techniques, and in an active one, by using alternative energy sources, and it envisages a plant for the production of electric energy through a series of panels organized in strips in order to create a photovoltaic field. Such a field produces electric energy as direct current which is converted, through equipment called inverters, into energy completely similar to that supplied by the distributing body (alternating three-phase current). The photovoltaic plant is installed on the cover of the shops warehouse because of its perfect orientation to the sun and for the presence of sheds which reduce mutual shading problems to the minimum, The analyses which have been carried out made it possible to chose as suitable a plant with a power of 160kWp with three 61kW inverters which have been divided into as many sub-systems, in order to guarantee high yields and limit damage in case of failure. Therefore, commitment towards the environment goes on being one of the central points of the company policy which, besides working on internal factors such as the technical features of the vehicles of the bus fleet (it was the first in Italy to experiment methane fuelled buses), by choosing the photovoltaic plant for its new seat, becomes a leader in supporting innovation together with sustainable development.