According to the standard of its Quality System SAF follows a process model, and works defining the objectives and the expected results.

The processes have been identified in the following categories: 
  • Main Processes 
    1. Design
    2. Business
    3. Service management
    4. Tourist/hire service management 
  • Supporting Processes
    1. Lost and found management
    2. Public relation 
    3. Accident management 
    4. Ticket and sales management 
    5. Human resource management 
    6. Document, data and registration management 
    7. Vehicle maintenance 
    8. Immovable and plant maintenance 
    9. Waste management
    10. Procurement management 
  • Improvement Processes 
    1. Management of reports and complaints from users 
    2. Improvement of the quality management system
    3. Internal audit management