General conditions
The Local Administration of Friuli Venezia Giulia, with specific laws, states the fares charged on the public local transport lines. Fares for the year 2007 were approved with the document D.G.R. 2912 dated 23/11/07.

You can use any of our services if you have a valid ticket, or season-ticket, available for the whole of the journey you are making. You can buy SAF tickets in the authorized outlets, and you must obliterate it when you get on the bus or coach by means of the machine you will find on board. This means that your ticket will be punched and the time and date of boarding will be printed on it. In case of season-ticket, you have to punch it on boarding for the first time. You then must keep the ticket with you during the whole journey, until it is valid. Season-tickets are valid only if accompanied by a SAF photocard of identity. In exceptional cases you can buy the ticket on the bus, asking the driver as soon as you get on, but you will be charged an additional fare, as provided for in the local low.
SAF refunds the ticket value only in the following circumstances:
  • If, for its own fault, the services are suspended without previous advertising by means of press, posters or leaflets in ticket-offices and at bus stops
  • If, for its own fault, the journey is interrupted before you reaching your destination
  • If SAF causes serious damage to the customer because of the company inefficiency

The amount of the refund is the cost of the paid ticket. To apply for a ticket refund you must fill in a refund form, and send it, together with a copy of the ticket, to the following office:

Ticket office and outlets office
V.le Palmanova, 219

33100 UDINE

SAF denies any responsibility for the consequences of delays, missed coincidences, and, in general, for any event not depending on its will. No refund is admitted, in any case, for the interruption of journey or delay due to force majeure causes, even if the customer has the right to apply for it.