You can buy SAF tickets:
·          In authorized outlets
·          From the six ticket-machines in the following sites:
near the Civil Hospital of Udine (only urban service)
outside Udine Railway Station
outside the SAF ticket office of Cervignano del Friuli
inside the Railway Station of Cividale del Friuli
nearby the seasonal ticket-office of Lignano
near the Old Polveriera of Palmanova
·          On the bus or coach, asking the driver at the moment of boarding. In this casethe ticket is different and you are charged an additional fare (1,00 €) - DGR 2912 dated 23/11/07

You must obliterate your ticket at the moment of boarding. You can not give it to another person and you must keep it with you for the whole journey. Your right to travel expires when the journey corresponding to your ticket is over. Time tickets are valid for 60 minutes from the moment of obliteration in ordinary days, and for 240 minutes on Sundays and during holidays.
Ticket can be bought in the authorized outlets (newspaper’s shops, tobacconist’s, bars) in which can be recognized by the poster on the windows.


Tickets bought in the year 2008 may be used until the 28th of February 2009. Then they have to be replaced with new ones as set out by the local low. Ticket offices authorized to replace expired tickets are those of Udine Bus Station and the Urban Ticket Office and that of Tolmezzo bus station and the Company Office for Tickets and tickets offices in AUTOSERVIZI F.V.G. S.p.A. – SAF, V.le Palmanova 219, Udine

To obtain the permit to sell SAF tickets for buses and coaches you have to:  

  • Own a society
  • Send an application to AUTOSERVIZI F.V.G. S.p.A. – SAF, to the attention of the General Management, Via Baldasseria Bassa, 75 – 33100 UDINE. It must contain a short description of your main activity, the scheduled timetable of opening days and of your days off.

If your application is considered favourably, SAF company will fulfil the necessary procedures to activate the outlet.