Our inspectors, who must have the appropriate ID documentation issued by the company, can check tickets in observance of the Vehicle and on Board Regulations. Failure to observe such rules, particularly when use of the service is made:

  • Without a ticket
  • With an expired ticket (urban lines)
  • With a ticket that is punched/obliterated only when the inspector gets on the bus
  • With a ticket that has not be punched/obliterated
  • With a used ticket
  • With a ticket for a lower fare
  • With a counterfeit/altered ticket
  • When a bus pass has been forgotten, but has been regularly renewed prior to the inspection
  • Breach of the vehicle regulations
Implies a fine as outlined in Regional Law n° 23/07 from a minimum of 8 Euros to a maximum of 52 Euros and payment of the ticket between for the entire route. Any tickets that have been mishandled, altered or that are not regular will be withdrawn by the inspectors. 

Smokers who smoke in non-smoking areas will be fined from 27.50 to 275 Euros: the amount will be doubled if the restriction is infringed in the presence of pregnant women, infants or children below the age of 12 (law 584/75 and amendments).


Such a violation must be brought to the attention of the breaching party immediately and personally, unless it is otherwise impossible, say in the case of a minor or supervised person with mobility impairment, then notification shall take place according to the law. At the time of the report, the fine can be paid directly to the authorised inspector against a receipt being issued. A reduction is admitted according to article 7 of Regional Law 1/84 only when the fine is paid immediately or within 15 days from notification thereof.

You can pay:

  • Going to the Penalty Fares Office, Viale Europa Unita 95, Udine (from Monday to Friday, from 8.30 to 12.00 in the mornings and from 14.00 to 17.00 in the afternoons)
  • Sending the money to the Postal a/c 13683339
  • Sending a postal money order to SAF Company
Any document in you defence must be sent within 60 days since you received the Penalty Fare Advice. If you do not pay within the terms, SAF will prosecute you, as described in Regional Law 1/84.

For information about prosecutions you can ask in the Penalty Fares Office, Viale Europa Unita 95, Udine, Ph. +39(0)432.510111, from 8.30 to 12.00 in the mornings and from 14.00 to 17.00 in the afternoons.