Local Public Transport

Public local transport includes all the lines of buses and boats in the Regione Friuli-Venezia Giulia which are used for the transportation of people and goods. The offer is the same for all the customers, and it is approved by the Local Administration, as also are the routes, lines and fares. 

SAF services can be classified as follows:


SAF manages the public transport in 150 towns and cities in the Regione Friuli-Venezia Giulia and only a few in Veneto and Trentino Alto-Adige. The services are offered in 103 lines, and they are different according to the period of the year. Our buses and coaches run anyway every day of the year, except on Christmas, New Year’s Day, Easter and May 1st. The routes Udine-Tarvisio and Gemona del Friuli-Tarvisio are open all the year long. In 2007, our 300 coaches, aged not more tha 7 years, carried over 13 million Km of road, more than 11 million people in extra-urban journeys (+2,46% vs 2006).


SAF manages the urban public transport in Udine, Gemona del Friuli, Lignano Sabbiadoro (only in the summer). There are 19 lines, on which run more than 75 buses (61 of them are CNG-methan fuelled, 5 go with a mixture of diesel fuel and electricity). In 2007 our buses carried about 10 million people (+5,6% vs 2006) and ran for a total of 3 millions km. During the holydays, according to the regional law, urban services are reduced in number of journeys, except on May 1st when the service is suspended. On New Year’s Day they start on 8.00.p.m., while on Easter Day and on Christmas day they stop at 13.00 p.m.. In the last night of the year our last bus runs at 22.00 p.m.


They connect, durino the summer, Lignano Sabbiadoro and Marano Lagunare. Durino the weekly market-day there are services connecting Lignano Sabbiadoro and Latisana via river. The lines are covered by two ferry-boats and they are connected with Lignano bus service, and with the coach service, in particular with the line Udine-Latisana-Lignano. In 2007 about 20.000 passengers were carrien on our ferry-boats (+9,85% vs 2006).


We define as extra-services the ones connecting the mountains, and in particular the villages of Ovaro, Paluzza, Arta Terme, Pontebba, Comeglians, Zuglio, Drenchia, Grimacco and San Leonardo with administrative centre.