Special services
Special services include the routes for schools. 
  • there are lines that take students to schools in the morning and from school in the afternoon, services connected to other school activities (for instance during the school year 2007-2008 in the cities of Aquileia, Codroipo, Tarcento, La tisana, Latisanotta, Lestizza, Povoletto, Remanzacco, Rivignano, Ronchis, S. Giovanni al Natisone, Talmassons, Tavagnacco, Torreano di Cividale, Tricesimo, Udine, Lignano, Tarcento, Aviano Base USAF, Trieste Scuola Internazionale)
  • buses taking students from one school to another (for instance during the school year 2006-2007 there were lines connecting the following schools A.S. Cervignano del Friuli ITI-Malignani, Udine Liceo Classico Stellini, Udine Istituto Stringher)

Special services include also:

  • special routes for factories (transport for Fincantieri workers and employees)
  • routes that supply the lack of railway transport
  • tourism buses (for instance in Aprilia Marittima there is a route to the beach, in the Carnia Alps there are lines towards the skiing fields, in Udine there is a bus to the Castle)
  • routes dedicated to free-time and social activities (for instance routes that bring to discos and clubs, special buses for older people)

  • All together in the first six months of 2007 SAF used 30 bus to perform special services.